Newbies Bridge beginners weekend

Newbies Bridge Club House
Newbies Bridge Club House

At Newbies Bridge, we are always keen to welcome new members.

New to the game of bridge? Don’t know where to start? Our beginners weekend sessions are the perfect introduction for new members.

Our next beginners weekend is
24-25th March 2017

Contact us to book or find out more

Newbies Bridge beginners weekend sessions – what to expect

Weekend sessions are a fun, relaxed way to introduce yourself to the game of bridge, and meet other beginner players.

Day one

  • Introductions and meeting other new members.
  • The morning session will be a beginner lesson, looking at the basics of the game.
  • The afternoon session will be a friendly, open-hand game, in which you are paired with an experienced buddy who will guide you through games.

Day two

  • Day two starts with a light-hearted presentation about ‘tips and tricks’ when playing bridge.
  • This is followed by a combination of friendly open-hand and closed-hand games, again supported by your buddy.
  • The weekend wraps up with a talk from the club captain about what options for play are available, if you wish to continue playing bridge at Newbies Bridge.
Our supportive beginners weekend sessions
Our supportive beginners weekend sessions

No pressure! You do not have to be a member of the club to enrol in the beginner weekend sessions. There is a small fee of $20 to enrol, and you can decide if you wish to become a member after the weekend.

You might also like to look at our information about the game, written for beginners like yourself.

Beginner weekend FAQ

Q. Do I have to know how to play bridge to attend a beginner weekend session?

A. No, not at all. Beginner weekends are specifically designed for absolute beginners.

Q. Do I have to be a member to attend?

A. No, you can use the session as a ‘taster’ to decide if you would like to continue, or become a member.

Q. Does it cost to attend?

A. Yes. There is a small fee of $20 to enrol for the weekend. Contact us to enrol or find out more.

Q. When is the next beginner weekend?

A. The next session will be held from 24 – 25th March, 2017

We look forward to seeing you soon


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