Why your library should be on social media

Image courtesy ofhttp://www.launchandhustle.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/social-media-marketing-image.png
Image courtesy of http://www.launchandhustle.com

Libraries these days are no longer quiet spaces, where you get ‘shushed’ into silence. They are highly social community hubs, with a dynamic array of resources and events on offer.

But why should your library be on social media? Here are four good reasons.

  • Marketing and promotion. Your library is doing some amazing things, and holding some epic events. What better way to promote your awesomeness (in this digital age) than via social media. Millions of people worldwide use social media, so get on there and get promoting.

Social media can be useful to promote:

  • Events – visiting authors, holiday programmes etc
  • New resources – books, online resources, DVD’s, magazines
  • Library news – book clubs, friends of the library news, upgrades etc


  • Connecting. Libraries need to connect with people to stay relevant in todays changing world. Social media offers two-way communication, so you can really connect with the people who use and value libraries.
Image courtesy of https://www.edutopia.org
  • Respond to feedback. You want to provide the best customer service possible, right? Being present on social media gives library users another way to give your library ever-important feedback. Whether the feedback is good or bad, it’s another way to connect and respond to your community.

You can use social media to show that their opinion matters, that you’re listening, and that you will respond to any concerns or praise.

  • Get to know your library users. So who are the people using the library? Who should you be directing your chat to, who do you need to target? Social media is an excellent way to get to know your library users. It means you can communicate and gain insight into what makes these people tick. Ultimately, the better you know your community, the better you can serve them.

Social media is a powerful tool for libraries – to connect, promote, learn and respond. Why wouldn’t your library use this amazing platform?

For some great ideas and inspiration, check out this Libraries & social media Facebook page.







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